Deep Cleaning

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Professional Deep Cleaning Services Bangalore

At ShinePro, we understand your need for a reliable cleaning service to help keep your house clean. Whether you are a small a large family, or someone living alone, you'd understandably be busy with your job and other regular activities. Time is precious and must be spent living a life, not cleaning the house.

Our Keep It Clean service is recommended for new customers. Book the service if you have gone a few weeks or months without having your home professionally cleaned. If you're throwing a birthday bash, or have in-laws or friends visiting, you need to keep a spic and span house if you are to impress them. This is also the ideal choice if you have a pet that sheds. With the Keep It Clean service, your home will receive a thorough cleaning and will sparkle as new. After the cleaning, take a Keep It Clean subscription for maintenance.

Living room and bedroom

Removal of cobwebs, Dusting of ledges, windowsills, partitions, Cleaning window glasses, Thorough vacuuming of furniture, we clean even under the cushions, Cleaning of trash cans and ashtrays,Cleaning intercoms, telephone equipment, switches, and lights, Cleaning and mopping of flooring, Clearing out all garbage, Sweeping the corridors, Washing floor tiles and vacuuming carpets,

We also use steam cleaning if the carpet is soiled and has trapped unpleasant odors. The process is also known as hot water extraction. Here, we inject boiling hot water into the carpet under heavy pressure. The steam and hot water loosen the dirt which the carpet cleaning machine immediately sucks away. Detergents are used for really dirty carpets. Steam cleaning is highly effective to remove all odors and to kill dust mites and bacteria.

How often should you clean the carpet?

We would say it depends on the amount of traffic that you carpet receives on a regular basis. All carpets must ideally be cleaned at least once a year. If the carpet does not receive too much footfall, you may go up to even 18 months between cleanings, but a quarterly cleaning is recommended for high traffic areas.