Frequently asked questions

Do You Clean In All Areas Of Bangalore ?

We operate in almost all areas of Bangalore. While sending a request, please mention your area so we can arrange for the team closest to your locality.

Does ShinePro use professional and high end cleaning machine?

We at ShinePro, have high end cleaning equipments for smooth and quick work completion. We have professionally trained workmen to get your cleaning done real quick and neat.

What kind of carpets do you clean?

We Work on Persian Carpet Cleaning, Woolen Carpet Cleaning, Home Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, and commercial carpets.

Do you offer 24 hours service?

We at Shinepro would like to offer clean and professional services; we could work late hours until your cleaning is completed on priority basis.

Should we provide any cleaning materials and equipments?

Our team will carry all the necessary cleaning materials, liquids, detergents and high-end equipment's, so customers are free from going out to buy them.

What would be the team size who comes to clean our house or office?

Depending up on the nature of work and time, the supervisor allocates manpower to finish the task.

What are your Prices?

Prices depend on the nature of job and the time taken to clean based on the work, we ensure affordable cleaning services at your doorstep.

How do we pay once the services are completed?

We would love to get paid immediately once the service is completed. We can agree upon to pay in the way of cash or Cheque and we expect to get a 50% advance to start the work.