Kitchen Cleaning

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Kitchen Cleaning Services in Bangalore

This high-traffic area of your home requires special attention only a professional cleaning service provides. Molly Maid housekeepers thoroughly disinfect, clean and shine every surface in your kitchen.

After dusting, the house cleaning team carefully cleans appliance surfaces, range hoods, stove drip pans, burner grates and control knobs. Splatters inside your microwave are quickly removed and the turn table scrubbed. We wash countertops, making sure to damp-wipe cupboard fronts, knobs, tables and chairs.

Residential maids shine all surfaces, sweep and mop floors, leaving your kitchen professionally cleaned and smelling fresh. Emptying trash cans and straightening the chairs add that final touch.

Kitchen Cleaning Service includes

  • Wash and scrub all work surfaces like kitchen slab, stove etc.
  • Clean inside all cupboards and drawers. Remove all old food stuffs, carrier bags etc. and dispose of.
  • Scouring your sink, cleaning of chimney and gas, cleaning of counter area.
  • Wall tiles to be degreased and wiped- Removing food and oil stains from outside surfaces of tiles and cabinets.
  • Cabinets degreased, cleaned and wiped
  • Cobwebs removal
  • Floor cleaning
  • How often should you clean the Kitchen?

    Kitchens are the most frequently used room in a house. Not only do we cook and eat, but we also hang out there. Since how often you clean your kitchen depends how much you use it, cleaning as you go is a good idea. For example, if you wash the dishes right after cooking a meal, they won't pile up.

    Same thing with countertops and stovetops. Wipe them down each time you use them. Use a mild dishwashing liquid or kitchen spray to get rid of any stickiness or residue from spills. For tougher spots, use a scrub brush or pad to get rid of stains. Last, sweep the kitchen floor, so it doesn't get dirty again while cleaning other areas of the kitchen.